Additional Spa Services


  • Color Enhancement $10-45
  • Bluing/Whitener $6
  • Medicated (Antiseborrheic or Lidocaine with Hydro-cortisone) $6-8
  • Flea & Tick $3-6
  • Handling Fee for Difficult or Aggressive Behavior $15 and up
  • "Pawdicure" - No Appointment Necessary $20-25
  • Nail Grinding $18
  • Nail Grinding with Spa Appointment $7
  • Ear Cleaning $6-8
  • Ear Cleaning and Plucking $12
  • Nail Pawlish $15-20
  • Nail Pawlish with Design (Front Feet Only) $15-20
  • Toothbrushing $7-12
Please call for an appointment and to let us know that your vaccinations are up to date. Planning on being a regular customer then be sure to check out our current discounts!
Receive an additional 10% off just for pre-booking your next spa treatment.

*All pricing and rates subject to change without notice.


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