Dog Day Care

Does your dog love to play?
Is your dog home alone all day?
Does your dog have a lot of energy?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then you should bring your dog to La-De-Da Doggie Daycare!

  • Spacious outdoor play yard with plenty of room to run and play
  • Indoor play room for couch potatoes furnished with sofas and a 56” flat screen TV with Pandora and Netflix always on
  • Plenty of toys, obstacles and pools (seasonal) for your dog to explore
  • Indoor and outdoor play yard disinfected with bactericide/viracide on a daily basis
  • Provides good socialization.


  • Must be current on Rabies, DHLPP and Bordatella vaccines. CIV is recommended.
  • Meet and Greet session to introduce your dog to our facility
  • Completed enrollment form
  • A one time $25 enrollment fee (includes Meet and Greet session and behavior assessment)

Benefits of La-De-Da Dog Day Care:

  • Caring, experienced staff supervising at all times
  • Plenty of exercise to help your dog maintain a healthy weight (the #1 factor in pet longevity)
  • Activity and interaction lowers the likelihood of destructive boredom behaviors such as chewing and digging
  • We encourage and reinforce “polite” canine behavior
  • Staff observation can alert owners to changes in behavior and/or possible health issues
  • Decreases chances of separation anxiety and molds your dog into a well-balanced family member
  • We offer separate play areas for young, petite or less active dogs to improve their day care experience

Day Care Packages

ladeda pet daycare packagesBuy More and Save $$…


Two great Dog Daycare Packages are available for our smart and savvy La-De-Da customers:

Save $50 OFF a 10 DAY daycare pack

Save $117 OFF a 20 DAY daycare pack


Our doggie daycare near Williamsville, Clarence, Amherst, Buffalo and Western New York